Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blogger with a Cause

Recently we were contacted by Victoria of Justice Pirate.  She shared with us her desire to spread awareness about (and stand up against!) human trafficking and promote modesty.  In turn, we sent her a couple of items from our shop for her to wear and photograph for her [lovely] blog.

Did you know there are there are 27 million people every single year who are forced into various types of slavery?  Victoria is doing her part and being a voice for these people.  It is so refreshing to find a blogger with a cause.
Click here to see the rest of her post and to read more about her mission.



  1. Oh I heard about this! What a great cause, I'm so happy to see more support about this going on around the internet. Good on you ladies to help her out too! You gals are awesome!

  2. Thanks ladies. You've been really sweet and helpful in also being a part of this mission to spread awareness of human trafficking!



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