Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Studio Re-Do

This is our third summer running our etsy shop.  When we first started, I was living in a tiny cape cod house (the upstairs bedrooms didn't even have doors) and our merch was stored on a rolling rack in my dining room.  So although I know the word "studio" sounds too fancy/spacious/professional for the spare bedroom in my home filled with mounds and mounds of vintage....but to me, it is a huge deal.  I am so thankful for that space--and the fact that when I'm not in the mood to work, I can close the door and eat my dinner without staring at a pile of kitten heels that need photographed.

Amanda I took great pride in setting up the studio when I moved into my new home.  We went all out--buying pink and green tupperware bins (to match the logo/banner at the time) and even painted the walls bubblegum pink.  We also ended up with black accents (I think it stemmed from the purchase of the cheapest area rug we could find, which happened to be black)--which somehow evolved into a mishmash of accessories in zebra print/houndstooth.  We loved our space.  It was bright and cheery and a symbol of our success thus far.

Long story short--my eyes were tired of looking at those bright pink walls.  Our logo/banner has long been changed to something more neutral and felt like the room needed to reflect more of the Miskabelle style.  So, the leftover tan paint ("peanut butter" to be exact) from my kitchen was graciously painted over the pink by my lovely husband.  And from there, I began to give the room a more romantic, vintage feel (suiting for a vintage studio, huh?).  Here's how it turned out (and click HERE to see how it looked before).

Door-less closet as our rolling rack, cheap shelving displaying a mix of vintage and modern kitsch

collage of vintage wall art and framed fabric/scarves, romantic curtains, sewing desk, ugly but necessary plastic bins

Vivienne (the dress form) on gray photo backdrop wall, photo board decorated with vintage brooches/clip on earrings, desktop knick knacks in vintage wooden bowls

It feels a lot more us.  And I love that I didn't even spend a penny to make such a huge change.  I am all about re-using found objects.  The only issue?  Now that Amanda lives in Virginia, we have a second "studio" space that needs prettied up.  Re-do #2 on the way!



  1. This came out so pretty that I don't think it's an issue, it's an opportunity, right?

  2. Now that is a room I could soak up a lot of time in. It has a boutique feel for sure. I could spend hours trying on clothes in front of that mirror! There's inspiration everywhere you turn.

    Oh, and I love how you named your dress form. :)



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