Thursday, April 14, 2011

{How to Wear} Spring Trends: Bringing Back the Seventies

Fashion is cyclical.  So trends are always coming back around.  Lots of trends from the seventies have found their way back on the "it" list here and there.  I remember when flared jeans popped up in stores and magazines, when I was in middle school.  I thought I would NEVER jump on that bandwagon!  "Ew, bell bottoms!" I proclaimed.  Of course I bought multiple pairs the following year.

Other subtle hints of 70s have been part of our wardrobes for a while, but this season there is a much more exaggerated 70s trend going on.  Here is my take on it:

Miskabelle Denim Fringe Vest, $16; Miskabelle Paisley Maxi Skirt, $15
(grey tank-Target, fringe wedges-Sam Edelman)

Not sure what era these vintage pieces actually came from, but most likely they are originally from the I suppose just by putting them on, I'm taking part in the trend!  There's a ton of ways to jump on this 70s bandwagon.  Denim.  Fringe.  Maxi skirts/dresses.  I absolutely LOVE the whole high waisted super flared jeans that are becoming more popular.  Floppy hats.  Oversized sunglasses.  Platform sandals.

Pick your favorites and layer them on--the more the better!



  1. Great look it's so casual yet very in style, I love your hair!


  2. Loving the maxi skirt on you! Such a cute summer look!



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