Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi, dearest readers (and friends). I'm sorry we haven't been blogging much.  Trying to figure out my real life is taking precendence over my virtual life...unfortunately.  But Jayme and I have a lot of ideas and plans for blogs coming right up!

Today, I'm sharing with you my little collection of vintage jewelry.  I think I have a few more pieces around the house somewhere, but these are my most prized and most worn items.

Our family was in the jewelry business for many years--our uncle still owns two jewelry stores in Pennsylvania (and has even started to dabble a bit in estate jewelry. I wonder if we had some influence?). I would love to explore the world of vintage jewelry more in our business. Jewelry can truly make an outfit.

Here are some of my favorite finds/hand-me-downs/gifts:


I found this magnifying glass necklace and gold koi fish at a PA antique shop in February--my mom bought them for me for my birthday!
I found this tugboat charm and chain in a jewelry lot I bought; I found this little cameo at another PA antique store.
This turquoise necklace is a family heirloom, passed down from a great aunt I don't remember meeting, who lived in Wyoming. 
I love wearing a brooch on a blazer or coat for a little spice; these are all thrift finds except for the round gold brooch with an opal, which belonged to my great grandmother.
My little bracelet collection.
I think this set of sterling bangles came from another grab bag of jewelry (maybe from my great grandma's attic?); I love how they are so delicate and each has its own etching.
Q bought me this charm bracelet when we were dating--it only had the little engagement ring charm on it then.  He got me the heart for Valentine's Day and the bear for my birthday (he's my bear/protector). I hope to collect a whole bracelet full, then pass it down to Aurora when she gets older!
I bought this Lisner demi-parure set from an online antique jewelry shop for our wedding; I wore the earrings as shoe clips, and my sister wore the brooch, as my matron of honor.
Last but not least, my favorite piece of all, is my engagement ring from Q.  It's from the 1940s, and the diamond is set between two little sapphires. I loved the metal work. And I love that I get to wear this every day!
I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my collection.  I'm hoping to collect more, though right now, I am on a shopping/spending freeze.  But that's another entire blog post...



  1. The magnifying glass necklace is my favorite! What a beautiful, unique piece!

    Even more lovely? Your engagement ring. What a beauty!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yr engagement ring is gorgeous !

  3. Thank you, lovelies! This was a fun post to share. :)

  4. I adore vintage jewelry (I wear at least 1 piece every day) and I'm envious of your 1940s engagement ring! I like that it has the sapphires flanking the stone. Did your husband find it online or did you find it in a local antique shop?

  5. I'll say I found it online, and take all the credit. (The truth might be that there were alot of hints about other rings, and this one blew all thoughts of the others away)



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