Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outfit Post: Vintage (Post-)Modernist

Happy February! Can you believe it?

I was so excited to head up to Kensington, Maryland to do some antique shopping with Q and Aurora on Saturday that I even got dressed up. The shops in Kensington are individual buildings that are all connected, so you walk around outside to get to each one.  A heavy coat and boots were necessary for post-snow weather.

Unfortunately, when we got there, most of the shops were closed because they'd lost power in the snowstorm a few days earlier!  I was in a pretty grumpy mood, so we drove into the city and got sandwiches at an old favorite market, which made the day a little brighter.

 hat-Urban Outfitters, 5 years ago!
fur collar-vintage
lace cardigan- ?
lace bubble skirt, Kensie via Loehmann's
brown argyle tights- ?
lace up boots-vintage

 THE BOOTS!  One of my best vintage finds ever.

And the coup d'etat, this camel trench:  it's Banana Republic and I thrifted it for $8!  It's a classic, and I love how it looks with the fur collar.

More outfits to come!  We've been updating the shop, so be sure to check it out!




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