Friday, February 25, 2011

Outfit Post: London Rain

So I'm not in London (obviously and unfortunately), but do you remember that Heather Nova song by the same title (Nothing heals me like you do)?  Circa 1997 or so? It was on the first season of Dawson's Creek when the show was new and really good and it was almost believable that the actors were teenagers. It was the scene when Dawson and Joey were on the swings late at night. So romantic! Jayme had the soundtrack and I remember laying out (yes, in bathing suits in the backyard, sans sunscreen) that summer and listening to it on the ol' CD player, singing along (of course).

But I digress.  This was my first outfit post with props!  One necessary umbrella and one really cute vintage bag because it went great with the outfit and was newly posted in the shop.  I wore this out to get some groceries (breakfast for dinner!) with Q and his girls. Really exciting, right?  I still had fun playing dress up in my Miskabelle closet!  Here's what I picked:

      Outfit Details:  blazer- vintage Miskabelle, secretary dress-vintage,coming soon to Miskabelle, brooch-vintage, tights-?, Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag, vintage Miskabelle, brown oxfords-thrifted
This FANTASTIC vintage Dooney and Bourke bag is in the shop now!  Get it before it's gone!

We've had snow.  We've had freezing rain.  We've had wintry mix.  We've had regular rain.  I think some sunshine is in order.

Until the next outfit--


  1. Adore this dress, you look fabulous!

  2. I love the idea of belting a blazer over a dress. Your heeled oxfords are amazing too!

    In Chicago we've been getting 'thundersnow' a weather phenomena previously unknown to me.

  3. Thank you so much, gals! Following your blogs too--so much great inspiration!


  4. Fab & adorable, Manda ! xo



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