Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guides 2010: Tomboy and Working Girl

Welcome to Day 3 of our Holiday Gift Guide!  Today, we shop for the Tomboy and the Working Girl.

The Tomboy

Who is she?  She likes the simple things in life. She's just as comfortable hangin' with the guys as she is with the girls.  She's laidback but adventurous.

What to shop for:  Comfortable and classic--items that play with masculine/feminine.  She needs  to be able to move around easily (flat shoes and stretchy fabrics work well for her wardrobe) and she wants to be able to get dressed in five minutes flat.  Pieces that look like they might come from her husband's or boyfriend's closet are also a good bet.

Working Girl
Who is she?  It's pretty obvious what the working girl has on her mind:  her career.  And while some people might consider her uptight, this girl is smart enough to know that hard work will get her where she wants to be in life.
What to shop for:  Anything that can transition from the office/studio to after-work errands.  This means pieces that are professional yet comfortable.  Structured jackets, comfortable heels, and sleek accessories are the perfect staples of the working girl's wardrobe.  But remember--professional doesn't have to mean boring!  Patterns and colors are more than welcome.

Don't forget all the items we've been showing you in the gift guide are for sale at the Miskabelle shop!  We still have around 100 items that are $5 or $10 in our SALE SALE SALE section....don't miss out!


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