Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guides: Bohemian and City Chic

This holiday, we're both on tight budgets.  While we want to get something/s special for our loved ones, it's really tough to stay within the budget and find the perfect gift.  We're hoping to do a lot of vintage and Etsy shopping for one-of-a-kind finds.

Maybe you're in the same you have a really cool best friend, mom, aunt, cousin, or sister?  Our 2010 Miskabelle Holiday Gift Guide is catering to every type of gal!  Today, we'll share some ideas when shopping for a New Bohemian or a Girl About Town.

The New Bohemian

Who is she?  Laidback and fun, the New Bohemian  has an old soul but a current sensibility. She loves music of all kinds. She'd rather hang out in a field of wildflowers or a room full of old books than a stuffy bar (most of the time). You're more likely to find her knitting, crafting, reading, writing, or painting than you are watching TV or surfing the web. She's a little in love with the world and tends to do a lot of daydreaming.

What to shop for:  Her outfits are inspired by her free spirit:  colors, patterns, and textures make up the bulk of her wardrobe. She's not limited by brands or trends. She wears what's comfortable and what looks good on her.Of course, she loves vintage--especially pieces from the late 60s and early 70s.

The Girl About Town

Who is she?  Your girl-about-town is independent and confident.  She's not afraid to take risks--both in life and in fashion.  By day, she's busting her hump to pursue her dream career (think editor, designer, entrepreneur) and by night she's organizing dinner parties with friends and meeting new business connections for drinks.

What to shop for:  Pieces that are special and will muster up tons of compliments-- yet are classic and chic.  Leather, fur and other rich textures--especially in saturated colors, jewel tones--and the obvious top choice: black.  She likes things that look expensive--which makes vintage a perfect choice because you get "the look" without the outrageous price tag.

Hope you enjoyed our very first gift guide!  Three more to come...stay tuned tomorrow for gift ideas for The Romantic and the World Traveler!

And if you're just not sure how to shop for vintage/clothes, why not purchase a Miskabelle gift certificate?  You can buy $25 or $50 certificates straight from our shop (considering we have over 100 items $10 and under, one certificate can buy several pieces!).

Happy Holidays!


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  1. I love the leather mini and maxy shirt. Wonderful :)



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