Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage Challenge-Day 3!

Rainy, rainy day...why is it so much more difficult to find an outfit on days like this? Is it the dreary atmosphere that makes for a lack of motivation? Is it the humidity in the air, making for bad hair days that create a general sense of "blah"-ness? Or maybe it's just the fact that I really, really want to have bare legs with my open-toe sandals, but with all of the chilly water all over the place, I just can't make it work. So goes the third day of our challenge...

<-----Day 3, J wore: vintage men's button up, vintage skinny belt, jeans, vintage gray woven leather bag vintage brown pixie boots, denim jacket. Day 3, A wore: ----->
Vintage red floral peasant blouse and vintage belt worn over black cotton bubble dress, leggings, cowboy boots, vintage black leather envelope bag.

We will not be intimidated by you, Mother Nature. We are STILL workin' it.

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