Friday, March 12, 2010

Vintage Challenge-Day 2!

I have to say it (I'm usually pretty self-deprecating anyway): pardon the photos. It is rainy, there is no real lighting, and I am feeling less photogenic than even the day of my senior portrait session (when my hair frizzed due to humidity and I had just had spacers put in for braces...yes, my SENIOR year).

But here we are, Day 2 and persevering!

<-----Day 2, A wore: lightweight black tee,vintage black print Peruvian sweater/blazer, black scarf, gray jeans, vintage brown open-toe heels.

Day 2, J wore: ----->
vintage cut-up tshirt, reconstructed (shortened) vintage skirt, vintage belt, leggings, vintage pixie boots.

This is NOT a contest, but if it were (but it's NOT...really), J would be the clear winner (and total frontrunner) so far. In my defense, I am living out of a duffel bag, hours away from my actual closet--and J happens to live in the house where our office is (with all our clothes! And our photo lighting!). ha.

Bring it on, Day 3.

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