A writer/teacher/mama by day and vintage fashionista by night, Manda (short for Amanda) has a special love for vintage heels and belting any and everything.  She resides in DC/VA area (where she first moved to get her Master's in creative writing) with toddler Aurora and doting husband Quentin. When she’s not working to spread all the goodness of Miskabelle Vintage, she writes, edits, and teaches.  Other things she loves:  being a mom, traveling, fizzy drinks, indie music and film, autumn, books, surprises, tattoos, long conversations, dresses, dancing, hugs, gardens, and sour patch kids. (That list is the Cliff’s Notes guide to winning her heart.

A lover of all things creative:  drawing, painting, sewing, designing, crafting and generally anything where she can get her hands dirty.  Jayme lives in Pennsylvania with her handsome husband, Andrew, her sweet baby girl, Lyla, and their chihuahua pug, Sophie.  She can never be found without a great piece of jewelry or a worn-in pair of boots (usually vintage on both accounts). Though she keeps busy trying to grow the Miskabelle empire, any free time she finds is spent outdoors in the sunshine sipping on iced coffee and going on long walks with her little family.


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