Friday, September 12, 2014

Outfit Post: 23 weeks

My first pregnancy I took weekly bump photos, starting at 14 weeks.  Never missed a week.  This time around I haven't really been in the photo-taking groove, but I don't want to leave the pregnancy completely undocumented!  So, let's see if I can get my butt in gear and take some pictures every once in a while, eh?

I have been coveting these Novella Royale Janis bells for so long that I decided I should take the plunge on some fun printed pants.  I found these at Target and thought the elastic waistband would make them a pregnancy pant go-to.  Turns out the wide elastic is just a bit too tight (I even exchanged for a bigger size!) and I've only worn them a couple times because they make me feel like I'm squishing the baby.  Maybe I'll get some better use out of them next summer...

One thing I can count on to fit properly no matter how much my waistline expands?  Accessories!  I love this floppy felt hat Amanda thrifted for me last fall.  It adds a nice bohemian touch to an otherwise boring outfit.  My birthday is this weekend and my wish list also includes some more fun jewelry (I really want an ear cuff or some kind of ear piece!  Of course I get the itch for a piercing when I'm physically not allowed to get one....) and the perfect pair of ankle booties (have you seen them?  Let me know!). 

I am off to start the birthday weekend festivities!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend.


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