Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Urban Outfitters Pop Up Shop

Wow, so the Pop Up Shop we did with Urban Outfitters happened almost a month ago!  With transporting loads of merchandise to and from, we didn't even bother to lug around the DSLR camera.  But I still wanted to share some iPhone snaps from the event!  Our 'shop' was set up in a tent outside the store, which we shared with a photographer and jewelry maker (both UO employees).  It was a tough crowd, being in a more rural setting where, I'm sorry to generalize, but people seem to not really "get" vintage.  Always gotta love  the "this stuff is USED?!" comments, and friends giggling together at our more eclectic pieces (not everyone can rock a 1970's Gunne Sax prairie dress...but trust me, there is SOMEONE out there who will fall in love with it and wear it well!!).  Anyway... it was a lot of work.  And a lot of fun.

We were SO thankful to be able to use racks and dress forms from the Urban Outfitters store (that stuff is HEAVY to carry back and forth).  We changed our forms often--to try to attract buyers, and just because it was fun to play dress up. ; )

For the last day, we decided to have a big sale, to liquidate more merchandise.  Buy one item, get one free!  Who could pass that up??

Our kiddos would stop by and visit (and bring snacks!).  They are pretty cute shop girls, right?  Oh, and here I am drawing on the sidewalk to try to get more customers to come our way!

Best part by far?  Hanging out with my sister all day for a couple days! (Day 1, my good friend Sandi was my partner and that was awesome too-- THANK YOU, GIRL!  YOU ARE THE BEST!)

Sadly we went home without finding homes for lots of our best pieces.  I guess that's good news for our online customers though, huh? ; )  We are really making an effort to start listing more consistently and making all our vintage treasures available online for YOU!  


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