Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday: His and Hers

Ever since I started shopping for vintage, our life has become almost entirely secondhand--especially our closets. I have trouble paying full price for things in the store when I know I can find nicer things and often better brands for much, much less.  It takes worth, but I love it, and for me, it's worth it. So while I hunt for vintage items for our shop, I also look for modern items for our family.  I love sharing my deals, so I decided I would post an occasional Thrifty Tuesday with my favorite finds.

Today's pieces are from my thrift last week, which also yielded some pretty great vintage pieces. (Some days you win big and some days you lose at the thrift).

For Him

I love bringing home little treats for my adorable husband (who was mocking my outfit posts with his poses here--but I'm posting them, so who's laughing now?).  I found this dark green 100% cashmere sweater...didn't even realize until I got home that it still had the tags on!

For Her

Farylrobin makes some gorgeous shoes--they're a favorite brand of Anthropologie and Free People. Many of their styles are vintage-inspired as well.  These heels look barely worn, and they retail somewhere between $100 and $150.  They are a dark metallic bronze with a darker gold accent and they are super comfortable.  I will most likely be rocking these at District Flea this weekend (with a vintage dress, of course!).

Does this post make you wanna go thrifting? I already have the itch--good thing tomorrow is my one shopping day a week! Can't wait to see the treasures that are in store! I'll be sure to share them with you next week!


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