Monday, October 14, 2013

Outfit Post: Gingham Girl

The monsoon-like weather here in VA means I've been living in jeans, big sweaters and my rain boots.  But things started to ease up yesterday and I wanted to *really* get dressed. So I did.

I thrifted this vintage cashmere top a while ago and have been dying to wear it, so I started from there. It's the perfect canvas for my brooch collection, and I see myself pairing it with cute skirts all fall/winter long. It was also brisk enough for my favorite jacket, another wardrobe staple that I found at the end of winter last year:

 outfit details:  sweater-vintage, typewriter brooch-vintage via Etsy, belt-vintge, skirt-vintage, tights-random, heels-Jellypop (via

The gingham pleated skirt was also a recent thrift purchase--for a more formal occasion, I think I'll put a vintage crinoline underneath to add fullness.  But it's another great staple piece for my wardrobe, which I need to do a better job of curating. I fall for bright colors or fun prints, but in the end, I often don't wear them.  My black/red/white/navy/gray/occasional mustard palette seems to work well. I need to purge my wardrobe and rebuild a little...

Happy sunshine-y day, the first sun I've seen in almost a week! We're planning on getting out and enjoying it (and not wearing waterproof footwear!).




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