Monday, October 7, 2013

District Flea Style: October 5th, 2013

Well, guys, the last day of summer finally October.  We worked the District Flea all day Saturday.

We all complained about the weather, and it made the day a little slow in terms of sales, but I had a ton of fun shooting photos of stylish flea-goers (to keep myself from going crazy):

 How fun are these couples?!  The hat in the very first picture was purchased from the shop (how cute does she look?!) as were the boots in the last photo! And I turned the camera around on BYT's Britt Nelson (and her man), who took my photo for Street Style during week 1!
 So many lovely ladies, including Casandra of  Speak Vintage, looking perfectly retro in her white cateyes and glam rolled hair.

Oh but there's more!  I had the best time with my girls from Bottle of Bread Vintage (first photo of stylish vintage gals) , representing Baltimore. I think we kept each other sane in the heat! And the ladies in the last image put on a Miskabelle hat and scarf to get their photos...yay for free models!

Of course, I can't end the blog without a shoutout to my crew, the best family ever...It was even Q's birthday, but he sweated it out putting up and tearing down the booth (and taking care of the kiddos all afternoon). I married a rockstar, what can I say?  Aurora thoroughly enjoyed herself at the Flea (she got to eat pickles and play ping pong with Daddy), and Milena slept when she wasn't eating.

And my amazing stepdaughter Emma, who also sat out in the heat to help me the first half of the day (I even got a little shopping time in!):  thank you!!!

It was way too hot, but we still managed to have a good day. Looking forward to this weekend when the temperature is more seasonable...we'll have capes and coats and boots and more! And I (probably) won't be sweaty! (Not a great look, if you were wondering why I didn't have an outfit post from this week. ha.)



  1. Hi, Amanda and Jayme!

    We are one of the couples that you photographed last Saturday: the guy with the dark gray t-shirt and the girl with the blue dress. Could we please get our picture in a larger size?

    See ya soon at the flea market!

    1. Hey guys! So glad you made it over to the blog! Of course I can send your image to you--I just got your email! :)



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