Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celebrity Looks for Less: Be Bold

This compilation of celebrity looks for less sort of seemed all over place when I first put it together... but I realized they all have one common factor:  BOLDNESS.  Celebrities often seem to "pull off" more over-the-top or interesting pieces, and I think they feel safer wearing these pieces because 'if it's from a famous designer it must be cool, right?'.  Well, since you've got the go-ahead that these pieces are actually "stylish", why not grab their much less expensive, vintage counterpart?  Phew!  I apologize for the excessive use of quotes!  My personal philosophy is: if you like it, wear it, style is all in how you feel.  But I suppose being "on trend" (doh!  more quotes!) can be a criteria for picking out clothes too.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
She rocks this sheer printed dress with a bold print.  I think it is pretty obvious that she is a lover/wearer of vintage.  Find our version HERE.

Sofia Vergara
I do believe this is her first appearance in our Celebrity Looks posts!  Her Missoni skirt is very 70's and we have one that is similar in print, though admittedly less sexy/slinky.  Find our version HERE.

Chloe Moretz
I think the perfect pairing to these short sleeve beaded tops is denim!  I helps it feel less mother-of-the-bride and more ladylike cool.  Find our version HERE.

Who needs expensive designer duds when you've got great vintage?


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