Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfit Post: 26 Weeks + Something Borrowed

I felt pretty great when I was pregnant with Aurora. There's something about not having to care too much about what you look like (or every calorie you're eating...) that gives me more confidence than usual. I find it easier to be creative with my clothes. And I feel pretty almost all the time.

This is a picture from exactly 26 1/2 weeks, since I missed last week. I wore this to a get-together with some preschool mama friends and their kiddos, and then for an at-home birthday celebration for our oldest (18!) girly. I love how the combo of tank + skirt + belt came together to look like a cute bohemian maxi dress:

Outfit details:  tank-Gap Maternity (gift from Jayme!), belt-UO (old), skirt-vintage (in the shop here!), sandals-thrifted, jewelry-random

I borrowed this skirt from the shop--hail to the elastic waist!--and now I'm a little afraid to give it up! It's the prettiest blush color that can almost work as a neutral. I also love the, it's rayon, so it's comfortable and cool.  

This is day (drum roll) 8 (!) hair after a week of starting out with no-heat curls. My hair is not getting greasy (though I did use some dry shampoo today around the roots), and my updos just look so much beachier/unfinished with the waves. The volume lasts, and I'm happy to not have to do much heat styling at all (I occasionally touch up an end or two if it's down).  I'm obsessed!

Okay, now that I'm done with that narcissistic rant, onto a different narcissistic rant:

The 26 Week Rundown 
Baby Size:  A cucumber (in length + weight!)
Feeling: Still in nesting mode. Also not sleeping well most of the time because I can't get in a comfortable position, which makes me more tired during the day. I had been keeping my daytime naps to a minimum and being very productive, but this week I've been in a slump.
Weight gain: I think I've put a few more pounds on--my next doctor's appointment is next week, so we'll see how it's going. I also have my glucose test on Thursday. Yuck.
Cravings/Aversions:  Watermelon. Sour Patch anything. Peach iced tea.  All-veggie meals (I've started to cook a few more vegan not craving meat much at all but I still love my cheese.)
Preparations:  I made a list of things around the house that need to get done before baby comes (finishing the wardrobe, organizing our office, washing clothes and other items, re-doing the upstairs bathroom). I scheduled my additional ultrasound for two weeks from now (had a little issue that probably resolved itself, but the good news is, I get to see baby girl again!).

I will be 27 weeks on Father's Day...still figuring out some special things we might do/get for the best dad ever. It's tough. ;)




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