Monday, March 4, 2013

The Big Flea + A Little Shop Preview

This weekend was the DC Big Flea Market (which isn't really in DC, but rather, out in VA), and Q and I decided to have a little adventure with our girls. I had already been there once, and remember it being very cool, but a little overwhelming. It was the same this time. The cool thing was that the stalls stay the same for vendors (in the same area), so I hit up my favorite places from last time, ignoring other spots that I knew were overpriced, etc. And I came home with some sweet things (mostly for the shop!) You can see a few pics on my Instagram of the market, but I wanted to share my find for the house and some things coming to the shop this week:

For us:  new Pyrex for the collection (perfect for re-heating food, and I don't have any red yet!)

And for the shop, I found 5 vintage spring dresses and some awesome jewelry (which I already photographed, so I thought I'd share):

1970s Brass Crescent Moon, Vintage Rose Locket (never worn), 
1970s Silver Mushrooms Necklace, 1970s Capricorn Medallion (no chain)

I could have spent a few more hours there (if I wasn't exhausted from lack of sleep), but everyone else  was overstimulated. The only cure:  diner food for lunch. So that was our Saturday--and it was a good one.

Hope you all had a great weekend! These goodies and more, coming to the shop this week!


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