Monday, March 18, 2013

Outfit Post: 14 Weeks

Hello, hello! I hope you had a great weekend. I have been feeling pretty great (except for today's scowling at the snow when we are supposedly only a few days from the "first day of spring"). I am really in the second trimester! Some days I actually feel like getting all dolled up--yesterday was one of those days:

Outfit details:  blazer-vintage, scarf-thrifted, dress-DV (super sale at Nordstrom Rack, 4+ years ago!), 
tights-Target, boots-MIA via Off Broadway

The 14 Week Rundown
Baby Size:  A fist!
Feeling: I am feeling a lot better in terms of food/nausea/etc. but I am still pretty tired. I get short bursts of energy, but I can always tell when I haven't had a nap for a day or two. I'm ready to feel that super energy/nesting surge! (Even though I'm pretty sure that's many weeks away.)
Weight gain:  I'm now at about -8 pounds. I'm not worried, but I plan on talking to the doctor at my appointment this week. Second trimester is really when the weight gain starts to happen.
Cravings/Aversions:  Coffee ice cream (still not hot coffee!), fresh strawberries, bagel sandwiches, fruit juice popsicles.
Preparations:  We purchased our first baby item:  a rocker for the Moses basket we already had from Aurora. I am so excited to use it as a second bassinet (so we'll be able to have one upstairs and one downstairs).  We also started making plans for a little Gender Reveal BBQ next month around our firepit!

I am looking forward to my appointment this week--it feels so long between appointments, and I want to hear that little heartbeat!  From there, it will be a month until the next one AND our gender U/S!  My family is coming for Easter, so I am very excited to have them all here. March is flying by, and I can finally say I feel like this pregnancy is moving a little faster too (all the sickness made every day seem so long).

Happy Monday!



  1. Congratulations! You look so pretty! And bagel sandwhich sounds so good!

    1. Thank you so much, Zuley! I am (finally) feeling pretty now that I'm not so sick. :)



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