Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY: Distressed Cut Offs

One of my favorite easy clothing make-overs is making jeans into cut off shorts.  If you don't already have a pair of jeans on hand, I suggest going to the thrift store and looking for a pair of jeans that are just slightly big.  For shorts, a little bit looser fit is more flattering.  You can simply cut them to the length you want, then put them in the wash and see the magical frayed edges appear!  Or you can take it a step further and really distress them.

Here's how:

I like to cut my jeans off at a straight line across (vs. angled upward so the outsides are shorter.  that's just not saddlebags-friendly!).  Next, use a razor blade to slice some lines along the pockets, and on the front of the legs (don't slice through to the other side of your shorts!  I used the scraps from the legs I cut off and slid the folded up fabric under where I was cutting...or if you're not lazy, you could just find some cardboard to use).  Make slits close together, but changing up the length of each slit (short, then long, then long then short, etc.).  Add some little cuts along the edge of the zipper panel and the belt loops too; places that naturally fray with wear.  Then go in with some sandpaper to soften your cuts and get the fraying started.  Next:  Throw in the washer and dryer and reveal your finished shorts!


I love how the white pockets show through under the black denim.  These shorts are a bit snug for me, so they will be going into the shop!  

Have fun roughing up your old jeans and making them into brand new shorts!


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  1. I always wonderred how do you pick out a pair to fit just right as shorts? Now I have an answer. Finally. Thanks!



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