Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A February Partner / Internet Friend: Meet Rici

Believe it or not, we met Rici when she won a giveaway we were hosting on another blog.  She quickly became a good internet-friend of ours and Amanda and Rici have even met up in real life!  She is a kind soul, a strong mama and a just a sweet person all around.  On her blog, Teagan Tales, she shares bits of her life as a mama to two girls (the blog began when she had just Teagan and last year she welcomed a new baby, Kyra).  Here is a little bit about Rici:

Rici with her husband, Josh and daughters Teagan and Kyra

Desert Island Foods: Sweet and Salty Chex Mix and and endless supply of decaf, nonfat, caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. 

Something surprising about me: I hate bees.  I hate honey.  I think butterflies should pollinate the entire earth.  I am petrified of bees (or anything that comes close, including wasps, hornets, dirt daubers, etc.) and so, by default, I hate all things that come from or has been made by bees.  Josh is trying to help ease my fears and I am trying to use my grad school coping skills that I teach my clients to breath through the fear because I don't want the girls to be frightened of them.  I think I just broke out in a cold sweat typing that.  Whew. 

Favorite piece of clothing: I have three really huge go to pieces right now.  My skinny jeans, my boots, and my red plaid or leopard scarf ( I guess that is four, right?).  I wear those things at least once or twice a week if I can make myself do laundry that much! If you follow my #operationdefrump on my Instagram (RiciReid) or Twitter feed (@RiCiReid) you'll see those pieces making a frequent appearance. 

Favorite love song: Fly Me to the Moon.  I have loved that song since high school.  It's not mine and Josh's song.  Mine and Josh's wedding song is a cheesy song that I'm not sure either one of us really likes but it was popular at the time and we went with it.  My taste has changed and developed over the years but Fly Me to the Moon has never been taken off of my favorites list.  

Thing I love most about myself: Right now, I love a lot of things and I am not saying that in a crazy "I have it all figured out" way.  I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life.  I finally am okay with who I am.  Sure, I have those moments when I want to curl up in a big ball on the couch with some cookies and milk and french fries with ranch dressing only after marking all over the mirror and burning the clothes in my closet, but those moments are few and far between.  I am finally getting to enjoy who I am and who my experiences have molded me to be.  It's refreshing and I am excited to see where this healthy road takes my family and I.  

Thing I love most about blogging:  I have been able to make connections with people I may have never met.  Amanda and Jayme are two of those sweet people! 

We hope you'll pop on over to Rici's blog, Teagan Tales and see what she's all about!  We love her and are pretty sure you will too.   : )


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