Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY: Vintage Fabric Frame Trio

Sometimes we can't pass up an awesome vintage printed top or dress-- even when it is uncomfortable polyester (WHY was that icky fabric so popular in the 60s and 70s?!).  We recently acquired a haul of these groovy printed tops and I've been working with them on projects that show off their vibrant colors and interesting fabric designs, without being worn on the body.  Enter:  fabric covered frames.  

You will need:
old picture frame (preferably wood*)
exacto knife
staple gun (*or hot glue gun if your frame is metal)

1.  choose your frame and then cut your fabric to size (measure the size of the entire frame plus enough extra to wrap around to the back).
2.  take out the glass, then, if your frame's back is attached, remove it using an exacto knife (*the ideal frame would be one where the entire back is inset and pulls goes back together a lot easier this way!).
3.  keep the exacto knife in hand!--next you will use it to start cutting the middle out of your fabric.
4.  ..the exacto gets tedious, so once you have a slit to put your scissors through, use them to cut out the middle (again, leave enough extra fabric to wrap around to the back of the frame).
5.  cut diagonal slits at each corner of your fabric.

6.  pull your fabric over the sides and start stapling!  (or hot gluing if you're using a metal frame).  *Don't pull it too tight because you will need enough slack to lay the glass back in!
7.  pull the corners tight and secure with a staple (painters will be familiar with the corner fold--it's just like stretching a canvas!)
8.  replace the glass, put in your photo, then replace your backing as well.  the swivels with still be accessible to hold it in place.

And you're done!  I like these as a set.  Individually I think they don't have nearly the same effect.  
Each of these were made from frames I already had.  The easiest/best one to use was a wooden one where the entire back piece was inset and removable without cutting.  The most difficult was the metal frame, which I used hot glue to attached the fabric.

I love projects where all pieces are repurposed!  I purchased absolutely nothing to create these (although I will admit I do have a pretty nice arsenal of crafting supplies, so I was lucky to have the staple gun and exacto knife, etc. on hand).



  1. Heyyy that's an awesome ideaaa!! Handy for some leftover fabrics I have after sewing as well! I'm gonna share this on my FB page! :)


  2. This is a really good idea, so effective!!



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