Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vintage Kiddo Style: Lyla Georgette

Yesterday my little lady, Lyla Georgette, turned TWO!  In honor of her birthday I wanted to share some photos of Lyla's vintage style.  Her wardrobe is a mix of hand-me-downs, and thrifted pieces (with some new stuff here and there!) and of course, vintage.  I love having layering pieces to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit--much like my own wardrobe!  So I always snatch up a vintage cardigan (or lightweight denim jackets) if I come across one at the thrift store.  They're so versatile and can be worn for a long time.  Roll the sleeves at first, then wear them slouched up, with the front unbuttoned, as it gets too small!  They have sort of become Lyla's "signature piece".

This tiny gal is the highlight of my [every] day.  She is sweet and spunky and I am so happy to call her mine!  Happy Birthday Lyla! 


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