Friday, December 14, 2012

Vintage Gift Guide: For the Boys

The last of the vintage gift guides, but it's a very important one.  Buying for my husband, dad, and brothers-in-law is pretty difficult without a specific list--and those lists tend to be pretty boring.  But here are some cool gifts that any vintage-appreciating dude could dig (taking a cue from gifts I've gotten my own man!).

The Gifts

1.  Navy Wool Peacoat, $86 via capricorne

A classic for every man's wardrobe--he will wear it forever.  This one has gold buttons, but I love the plastic nautical buttons as well, for a more understated look.

2.  Mid-Century Roly Poly Shot Glass Set, SOLD! via WiseApple

Did you DIY a bar cart this year?  Well, here's a pretty little addition (include a bottle of Bulleit for good measure).  These sold prior to post, but find similar sets here and here.

3. Leather-Bound Tape Measurer, $22 via Rustage

These old tape measurers are way cooler than the metal ones.  Q has one from his grandfather. It's a useful gift, but also makes for "manly" decor (hang it on the wall, put it on a bookshelf, etc.).

4.  Christian Dior Tie, $22 via Vintage Fatale

If your guy has to wear a tie to work every day (like mine!), vintage ties are a great go-to because you can find high-end brands for cheap (or skinny versions for your hipster stud).

5.  Retro Tee Shirt, $28 via retroEra

What guy doesn't love a good worn-in tee shirt? (A gift that the guy's significant other can appreciate just as much!)

6. Western Plaid Snap Shirt, $28 via memoryvintage

I just love how these shirts look.  I've acquired quite a few for the husband--I really love Levi's ones.

7.  Leather Belt with Buckle, $46 via thedapperapple

Belts with removable buckles make a great gift because you can start a buckle rad is this one? (For the more daringly-dressed man in your life...)

8.  Grandpa Cardigan, $35 via legitvintage

He may not be a grandpa yet (or ever), but this is a cardigan you can throw on over a button up or a tee and call it a day.

Which gift would you give your man?


P.S.  Need more gifting ideas?  Check out our other vintage gift guides for the The Glamour Puss, The Home, The Vintage Virgin, and The Bohemian !


  1. Awesome gift guide - I especially LOVE that snap plaid shirt! Thanks for including my shot glasses among these dude-tastic finds!

    1. You are so welcome--glad you like it!



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