Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sister Style: Christmas Eve

It has been a long time tradition in our family to dress up for the Christmas Eve church service.  Our great grandfather would give us our Christmas gift early-- $50 to purchase a new Christmas outfit.   We would usually have something in mind (one year I was SET on finding a baby doll style dress with bell sleeves.  That was 1993. btw I found it and it was divine...).  Often times we'd coordinate our outfits (like the year we both got velvet v-neck tops with 3/4 sleeves from Gap.  Mine was black and I wore it with an iridescent pencil skirt.  Amanda's was pale blue and she wore it with a black mini).  This year we both opted for vintage dresses, pulled from the Miskabelle shop!  Sorry gals, you snooze you lose!  ; )

...and I must share this photo of our little fashion bloggers in the makings!  Aurora and Lyla (with their hands on their hips).

Today is back to the same old.... just with more toys laying around the house and shedding tree that needs undecorated.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Hope you had a great holiday too!


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