Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY: Layered Necklace

Usually when I DIY, it is because there's something I want...but can't afford!  So it doesn't really make sense to go out and buy a bunch of supplies to create it.  So I am a huge fan of using found objects (old, unloved, etc.) to make new things.  I was inspired by this DIY for a t-shirt scarf (you could even use the  same t-shirt for that project AND this project since this one is just using the sleeve!).

1.  Cut off your t-shirt sleeve.  The shirt will need to be a larger size so the end result will fit over your head!

2.  Find some old/broken jewelry to embellish with.  A chain from a necklace with a broken clasp, some jump rings from a earring with a missing match, etc.  *Needle nose pliers would work best here!  I plan on adding a pair to my Christmas list...because using wire cutters in place of pliers was definitely not ideal.

3.  Cut 1/4 inch slits down your tshirt sleeve---leaving about half an inch UNCUT at one of the seams.

4.  Stretch!  This part is fun--to watch the fabric transform into rope-like pieces.

5.  Cut another strip of fabric, wide enough to cover the uncut section with the seam and stretch it as well, to make it more rope-like.

6.  Knot it tightly around the seam (this piece will hang down on the back of your neck). 

7.  Add your chain simply by hooking it to the fabric with jump rings and securing the loop with your pliers.  

There are so many possibilities with this project!  I think it would look awesome with even more chain pieces--perhaps even with mixed metals.  Use what you have!


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