Thursday, November 1, 2012

Outfit Post: Witchy Women

I didn't have a reason to really dress up for Halloween this year...but I can't help but do a little something different to celebrate the day!  So I wore a sort-of gothic outfit, or witchy, if you will.  Black dress, fishnet tights, combat boots...and I even wore green eye shadow as a play on a green witch face. Lyla wore her kitty costume of course and spent the evening visiting family and eating way too much candy.  That's what Halloween is all about, right?

Getting ready!

Do not adjust your computer screens....I really am that pale right now.

Funny how I always think I'm doing a "bold" eye...but in photos you can hardly tell I have eye shadow on!

dress:  Velvet (a gift from Amanda!), boots:  from Ross, last year, earrings:  Vera Wang (from Kohl's), fish nets:  stolen from Amanda and worn with gray tights underneath

Oh yeah, and I finally caved and cut my side swept bangs back in!  I have such a long face (ie: big forehead) and I just feel way more comfortable with some fringe!  My mom didn't even notice that I looked different so I'm not sure it's a noticeable change...but I feel a lot better.

Amanda was a little witchy too....did you see her makeup on instagram?!  Pretty amazing....  (follow her @mandamiska)

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!  Happy November (um, WHAT?)!

Jayme (& Lyla)


  1. Love the bangs -- you look beautiful! And I know what you mean about the eye makeup. I am so not used to wearing ANY, that when I thought I had a ton on for my costume, Cayla kept saying MORE MORE. :)

    1. Thank you dear!! I did have more eye makeup on, but I thought "oooh...too much"...and wiped it off. Next time I guess I will keep it!



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