Monday, November 5, 2012

How to/ Tips and Tricks: Layering Jewelry

I am a HUGE fan of loading on jewelry as a way to spice up an outfit.  I think it first started in middle school, when my grandma gave Amanda and I a box of old costume jewelry.  I would stack on silver bangles like it was my job.

Here is how I go about layering my hand jewelry:

Below is about as "blank" of a palette as I get.  My favorite ring, a silver chain bracelet, and a black hair tie.  These are constants on my hand.

 I like to add a few different types of bracelets to give my "arm party" some depth.  First some color/texture (friendships bracelets, beads, painted bangles) and then my structured pieces (metal bangles, cuffs).

I also have different groupings of rings.  I usually choose (at least) one big, statement ring--which I like to put on my pointer finger.  Then I fill in with other, smaller rings.

Here are few examples of how I mixed these pieces:

mixed metals: can be scary at first--but my advice is to use some in between pieces (such as my brass/brushed gold ring on my pointer finger) to help bridge the gap between your bright golds and silvers.

blue color story + silvers:  I tend to stick with certain groupings for my colors--blues and cool colors I pair with silver and warmer reds and oranges I pair with gold.

silvers + neutrals:  this is an everyday look for me.  those are four of my favorite bracelets (all good quality pieces that won't turn my wrist green if they get wet/sweaty!).  If I am in a rush these are my go-to pieces.

I don't think I could ever quit my bracelet/ring obsession!  It has gotten to a point where I feel naked if I leave home without some type of adornment on my wrists.  Is jewelry on your hands part of your daily getting-dressed routine?



  1. i'm all about statement rings...and layering them!

    1. Bracelets are my number one addiction...but rings are a very close second!

  2. Thank you for this. I love jewelry and have more than I know what to do with (most of it's not real). I always feel like I'm wearing too much if I wear more than just one for some reason, but it looks so good on other people. Mixing and matching without feeling I'm overdoing it has always been a mystery to me. So this helps.



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