Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Eats: Favorite Vegan Substitutes

It's the last Meatless Monday before Thanksgiving, so you might have assumed I'd have a bunch of Thanksgiving recipes for you, but the truth is: I'm still working on my menu!  I am trying to eat really well the next three days in anticipation of the inevitable gorging happening at our (two) Thanksgiving meals at the end of the week.  So today I am sharing my favorite easy vegan substitutes, for anyone who might consider going a day (or a week...or a month) as a vegan!

Milk: I have found this to the the easiest replacement ever, since I mostly use milk on cereal or in recipes. I love Blue Diamond's new Almond/Coconut blend.
Eggs:  You can't use this for a scrambled egg (unfortunately), but Ener-G Egg Replacer is perfect for baked goods.
Butter:  Earth Balance has so many great varieties, but we have been using their Soy-free spread. Great for cooking, spreading on toast, baking, etc.
Cheese: I still haven't found an acceptable eat-in-large-chunks vegan cheese (though that's probably a good thing for my waistline), but Daiya is my favorite meltable vegan shredded cheese.

Sour Cream: I honestly can't even tell the difference! I use Toffuti Sour Supreme with my tacoes/burritos/bean bowls.
Sausages:  I could live on Field Roast's Apple Sage sausages--even if I was still a carnivore.
Mayo:  Another condiment where I can't tell the difference. I make a quick and easy sriracha mayo with this Vegenaise (1 T mayo, 1 t agave syrup, 1 t sriracha). But be careful--it's addicting!
Burgers:  Because sometimes you just need a burger...and these beefless ones by Gardein really fill the void (of your mouth).

I can find all of these easily between Whole Foods and MOM's Organic Market (and most of them also in the organic/natural section of the larger, mainstream grocery stores like Giant and Safeway).

What do you think you would find the hardest replacement for you to go vegan? 

I'm instagramming my food again (@mandamiska) for Meatless Monday, so come check it out (in a bit...breakfast is about to go on the stove as I finish this post!)



  1. Been addicted to the Field Roast sausages after you recommended them to me ! Those Apple Sage ones are ridiculous good ! xo

  2. Where do you get those sausages? Those sound AMAZING! We are sort of Vegan-my husband is WAY better than I am!

    1. Yaaaay, blog comments!!! The sausages are can get them at Whole Foods (a little pricey..$5 for 4, but they are amazing!) I haven't been eating vegan (or even vegetarian!) during my pregnancy, but I hope to get back to it after! I have tons of cookbooks, faves, etc.



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