Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: Fabric Scrap Garland

Somehow I find myself inheriting tons of old (vintage!) fabric.  Some of it is beautiful, but in such small  scraps that there's not much you can really do with it.  Here is a great little idea for making something pretty out of those seemingly useless scraps of fabric.

This project is so easy, that it's almost silly to even present it as a how-to.  But here is a quick look at how to put your fabric garland together:

1. Collect your fabric (or choose a grouping from your own personal collection!).  I love mixing prints and textures.

2.  Cut your strips-- they don't have to be exact, just similar widths and lengths.
3.  Knot them around your rope/string.  I like to use a rustic, burlap string.
4.  Slide them all together, so they are bunched tightly.

5.  Tie up your finished garland!

This is a great piece for party decorations--hang on the front of the cake table or even in the entryway.  What's really nice is that it can then be used to decorate your home afterwards!  Amanda has the one we made for her 30th birthday party, now hanging above her bed.



  1. I love this! Such a cute decoration idea. And those fabrics that you used are absolutely lovely!

    1. Thank you! I feel so lucky to have all that awesome vintage fabric--my grandma found it in her attic and gave it to me!

  2. I love this, such an easy way of brightening up a space! x

    1. Thank you! I do love that it adds some color to the room!



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