Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY: Message Mirror

Jayme and I are both pretty crafty, but this blog has always been devoted to promoting vintage/our shop, so we never rarely post other things we do unless they relate somehow, but the blog is going to start changing a bit (more on that later), and we're hoping to share a little bit more bout who we are and what we do besides sell vintage.  DIY's are just a tiny part of that.

This little project was something I did with Aurora--it's not really a fancy DIY. It's super easy. Anyone can do it. But it was a lot of fun to work together with my sweet girl, and to give her a very important message...

Modge Podge Message Mirror

Difficulty: Easy
Materials:  printed papers, scissors, letter stencils (if you don't want to freehand the letters), Modge Podge, old mirror (I got mine at Goodwill for $4.)

1.  Think of a short, positive phrase for your mirror.  Other ideas besides You Look Great:  You Look Nice, You Look Pretty, You Look Fine, You Are Amazing...whatever affirmation you need to see!
2.  Trace/draw the letters BACKWARDS onto the blank side of the printed paper (that way, when you cut out the letters, the lines won't show).
3.  Lay out letters on mirror to test fit.
4. Modge Podge away with the glue/paint brush! (A helper is always good, especially if she's as cute as mine.)

5. Let dry.
6. Look in mirror--and smile.

If you REALLY wanna get crafty, you can also Modge Podge textures on the mirror frame (depending on the type of frame) using newspaper, magazines, or fabric. (Great DIY links here and here.)   This can replace a bathroom or bedroom mirror, or work as a piece of art--this one now decorates my work studio as a great daily reminder.

I love finding ways to make things with my artsy girl. She loves to help me do things! Not only do these little projects help to keep her busy when we're home all day, but it's also good bonding time.

I want to start early, letting her know she's beautiful inside and out.  She's still at the point where she kisses her own reflection in the mirror, and I kind of pray she will always be that way.  Who couldn't use a dose of that toddler radical self-love?

Amanda (& Aurora)


  1. Whew, looks like Blogger is finally going to let me comment again! NO idea what has been going on.

    Anyway! I love this so much. Mirror messages are such a fantastic reminder. I've had a couple notes taped to my bathroom mirror for years, and I made a lipstick mirror message at our last craft fair. And someone I just met the other night was telling me about her own lipstick bathroom mirror message, and I'm eagerly awaiting her email with the photo of it. I think you take a creative and lovely spin on it with the cute paper letters! Very nice how you left-aligned it too. I definitely want to make one. Looking forward to more DIYs from y'all!

    And the photos of each of you in the mirror are awesome.

    1. Thank you, friend! Initially, I actually had the letters for "you look pretty", but then 6 letters was too long to fit the mirror, so I had to change it to "great." ha! We are excited for more DIY's too! xo



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