Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outfit Post: Sister Style, Vol. 2

Hello, everyone! It's the second edition of our Sister Style series, featuring an exclusive sneak peek of brand new baubles from Blue Nile.

I (Amanda) spent a fun long weekend in Philadelphia with Q and Aurora, staying at my sister-in-law's beautiful home.  I couldn't resist taking some shots around her porch.  There is so much gorgeous architecture in Philly--it made me sad to come back to DC!  And if you're wondering, I'd like to say my bare feet were an aesthetic choice, but the truth is, I forgot to pack my shoes!  At least my pedicure was pretty...

Jayme got really creative with her look with some DIY's:  the sock bun and a vintage top that she cropped and sewed herself!  We used to do a lot more vintage re-styling (especially with basics and 80s clothes that needed a lift), and with Jayme's renewed passion for the sewing machine, we might consider trying again for the fall!

On Jayme:  top- vintage redesigned (t-shirt blouse turned crop top), skirt- Miskabelle vintage (buy it HERE!), shoes- Candies, purse- vintage, bracelets- Forever 21, rings- vintage, earrings- white agate gold vermeil drop earrings, c/o Blue Nile
On Amanda: dress-F21, purse-Whiting & Davis/vintage, brooch-vintage/Great Grandmother's, carnelian and amethyst  bracelet, c/o Blue Nile, watch-vintage, earrings- carnelian and amethyst gold vermeil drop earrings, c/o Blue Nile

We have both has our ears pierced since before we started kindergarten, so we have always been big fans of earrings. These lovely drops from Blue Nile are best displayed with an updo (go try that sock bun! It's amazing!).  Everyone knows that the cost of gold is monstrous currently, but these gold vermeil pieces are extremely affordable. And they won't make any part of your skin turn green.

Speaking of gold, I have to brag a little about that cute Whiting and Davis purse (circa 1920/1930) that I found at my thrift...in the kids' section.  Yes, it does pay to look EVERYWHERE at a thrift store.  That's why it's called the hunt!  And if you're wondering, yes, it was also priced for a kid too.  I squealed a little.

Hope you are having a great week--stay tuned for more Sister Style next week!



  1. OMG--could you and your sister's hair be any more perfect? I really think not. I'm so jealous but you guys are so fabulous I can't be too mad.

    1. OMG to YOU! You always look fabulous--I would die to have your curly hair. My hair is undecided if it is wavy, straight, etc. You're pretty fabulous yourself, lady! xo



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