Monday, June 18, 2012

Outfit Post: Art-o-Matic

After an amazing weekend, it sure is hard to come back to "work."  The rainy skies make it a little easier, though, as though the Universe is crying with me.

What made this an amazing weekend, besides the weather?  An awesome Father's Day, celebrating the best dad EVER(!), and a Crooked Hearts performance at Art-o-Matic.  It was our biggest performance to date, and we had an incredible time! So many family members and friends came to support us, and the sound was awesome.  And best of all, my outfit was awesome, if I do say so myself:

Outfit details:  dress-Betsey Johnson (thrifted!!!), purse-vintage, sandals-Blowfish 

I did my own hair and makeup, and was so pleased with how it turned out that I had to take gratuitous photo (you can follow me on Instagram @mandamiska for more of-the-moment photos, etc.!).
  My friend Kathryn also got this great shot at the show, and our friend, Quin, was doing professional videography, so stay tuned for some Crooked Hearts video goodness in the future (even sooner if you LIKE us on Facebook!).  I met my bandmate's sweet 9 year old niece for the first time, and the first thing she said was:  "She looks like Katy Perry!"  It was the sweetest thing ever, I almost cried from laughing. I told her it was the best compliment I'd ever received (even if I don't think I'm nearly at Katy's hotness level).  I think it definitely boosted my stage confidence. ;)

Also--this dress!  I found it last week while thrifting,  and it fit like a dream, even though the tag had a much smaller number on it than I usually wear--the bodice has elastic and the halter is adjustable, so to my surprise, when I tried it on just in case, it was perfect.  I squealed a little. Betsey Johnson? Fruit print? 1950s style? It was a match made in heaven--and perfect timing.

Back to the grind now--Mondays are terrible for me, but the rest of the week is smooth sailing.  We have some great blogs in store, so stay tuned!



  1. You look gorge! I'm so sad I had to miss it. When's the next show? Don't forget about me when you're big time.

  2. Thank you, sweet friend! Sorry you couldn't make it too...we may not do another show 'til the fall or maybe one in July--it depends what happens, and we are focusing on songwriting now! xo

  3. Ha, thanks so much! I felt like a babe for sure...not exactly Katy Perry, but a slightly classier modern pinup, maybe? ;)

    Thanks for reading...have a great weekend!

  4. how nice! You look gorgeous in this outfit. I love the color! I don't see the Katy Perry thing, but I don't really follow anything of her, so that would be why. I know what she looks like though. GORGEOUS!



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