Monday, May 21, 2012

Shop Preview: Summer Lovin'

It's been a slow month here for the shop...after our best month of sales ever! That never seems to make sense, and we're admittedly a little frustrated, but these pretty things coming to this shop this week are cheering us up.

90s grunge sunflower print maxi dress with open back (size medium)

90s peach lace dress (size medium to large), 70s peasant peplum dress (size medium)
Maybe an outfit?  Vintage deadstock yellow daisy shell (medium to large), 70s rainbow chevron skirt (small to medium)

Also, we're happy to announce that we hit 1000 sales last week!  Quite an achievement in a little over 3 years.

 Admittedly, we've also been stocking the shop more slowly as sales have been slower. We figure this makes a little more sense, saving the good stuff for when sales are steady.  We've got a lot of lovely things to come--they're just trickling in.  Stay tuned!

And as always, if you see something you like here in a preview, let us know via email or Etsy convo, and we can get you first dibs/deets!


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