Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shop Preview: Lace Ups

This week shop preview is a selection of shoes....and it may be a stretch to group them together (boots, flats, heels).  One thing they all have in common?  Laces.  

Boots- size 8.5
Wing tips- men's size 7 (ladies 9)
Saddle shoes- baby/toddler size 6
Laced heels- size 11

These will most likely be in the shop by this afternoon!  But if you NEED one, feel free to message us before then.

Hope Thursday is being good to you!



  1. I hope you still have those knee high boots because it's so cool it fits my cowboy personality. I'm used to wearing alegria shoes on summers but boots will give me style during the winter season.

  2. There's also a gold buyer long island if you need to dispose your old jewels. Come up with new accessories.



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