Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roadtrip: Part 1

I have finally come to terms with the fact that Q and I are both back to work/real life. After two weeks of birthday celebrations, we then embarked on a little adventure as my 30th birthday gift--only the best gift ever (after the best party ever!).

The first leg of the trip took us to the Lancaster area, where we stayed in a nearby B&B that we totally recommend. The area is supposedly the top antique spot "in the world." So we shopped (of course), visited the Lancaster Brewery and shared their beer sampler (mmm, strawberry wheat!), lounged around, wrote, ate more good food, and spent lots of time relaxing in our huge jacuzzi tub (hope that isn't TMI, but it was a serious highlight).

Here are a few pics of our room and my day of exploring outfit--we were also gifted with incredible weather the whole time, way warmer than we expected, so everything was pretty much perfect.

Outfit details:  jacket-Mossimo (thrifted), dress-Target (thrifted), tights-random, belt-vintage, shoes-Converse (thrifted!), music note necklace-birthday gift from my dear friend Katie

On our first full day, we drove around to thrift and antique spots, paused at the Brewery for lunch (being vegan in the middle of nowhere is NOT easy, but we managed to enjoy ourselves!), went back to our room to chill out/nap, went to dinner, then wrote for an hour or two in the evening--with the jacuzzi tub as our reward.  The room was beautiful (though the temperature was too warm to really use our fireplace!), breakfast was awesome, and we felt so comfortable and pampered. Q did nothing but spoil me, letting me set the itinerary and buying me whatever my little heart desired (within reason, of course). And no trip would be complete without buying stock for the shop--much of which Jayme will be posting this week!

I love reliving this vacation...stay tuned tomorrow for part 2, the second leg of our trip, which includes tattoos and a fancy-dancy vegan restaurant that we're still dreaming of a week later...


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  1. My mom always buys from Naot shoes retailers. I think I should buy her that same Converse shoe that you are wearing for our picnic on Sunday.



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