Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eco-Friendly Packaging

When we first opened our etsy shop we reveled in sending out pretty packages--pink and green tissue paper sealed with a personalized sticker, placed in a box (often stuffed with MORE colorful tissue paper), then neatly wrapped in brown paper.  And while we love the idea of our customers opening a lush box of pretty paper to reveal their vintage treat, it doesn't make much sense to promote eco-friendly clothing and accessories (a.k.a. VINTAGE) and then sacrifice a small forest to send it through the mail.  
Enter:  new, environmentally-friendly packaging.  Simple recycled-paper hang tags, stamped with our logo, attached to the garment with string, then wrapped in brown paper (or a re-used box for shoes/bags) and stamped with our address!  Simple.  Pretty. Green.

Still working on perfecting my stamp-skills!
These pretties went out to post yesterday.  We're sure their new owners will love them with or without the bells and whistles of layers upon layers of unnecessary packaging.


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