Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outfit Post: Go-To Boots

There's something about a good pair of worn-in cowboy boots that make me feel like a million bucks.  After months of scouring the internet for the perfect vintage pair, I found mine at a thrift store.  In my size.  And for 5 bucks.  I must say, it was my biggest thrifting success to date.
I love nothing more than being able to throw on these boots with a dress.  The heel is high enough to do the job (of making me feel taller and thinner) but low enough to be comfortable to walk in.  This particular day included a 30 minute walk up and down the street with my baby girl in her front carrier (it was a [failed] attempt to get her to take a nap).  It was also raining which is why the toe of the boot looks a bit darker than the rest of it...I'm hoping they dry out and the discoloration goes away.  But even if it doesn't I will still love my boots just the same!

(*excuse the squinty eyes!) dress-H&M, cardigan-vintage, boots-vintage, head scarf-vintage

The denim dress paired with western style boots could make for a very "cowgirl" kind of look, so to detract from that I added a ladylike cardigan and a silk scarf in my hair.  And for the sake of comfort--no belt!  It is rare occasion that I don't belt a tent-y dress like this one. My trusty boots give me courage to do crazy things, I tell ya.




  1. I absolutely love this look. And these boots! Amazing! Especially for $5. You really could do anything in them. :-)

  2. Unfortunately, it's still too hot here to even think about boots. :( But I love me some boots with dresses, and I also love me some chambray dresses to boot - hehe, I LOLed a little at myself with that pun. ;) "To boot" might be a Southern expression and might not make sense to a lot of people; I'm not sure. haha



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