Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Window Shopping on Etsy

I spent the majority of my life in a classroom: from elementary/middle/high school, to college, to student teaching, to actual teaching, to graduate school.  There was always so much to look forward to once September rolled around...of course, one of the best things being back-to-school shopping.

I don't have a classroom to prepare for this year, but I'm still lusting after some pieces to update my fall wardrobe.  This year, I plan on investing, instead of just buying things I find that fit and are cheap, but that I don't even wear (confession: yesterday I purged a lot of my closet/drawers and found that about 50%, maybe even more, was stuff I had thrifted and maybe worn once, but didn't realy fit into my wardrobe; the vintage stuff is going into the shop, but I'm giving the other stuff away! What a waste.).

I don't know if it's this new vegan life I'm living, but I've been drawn to very hippie and gypsy-like pieces lately.  There are also some closet staples I'm on the hunt for: black lace up boots and a camel corduroy jacket--preferably with elbow patches!  So I'm calling this look bohemian biker...with perhaps an addition of gypsy grandma.  Yeah, it's weird. I know.  I think I've been eating too many veggies. Or hemp.

Here are some things I'm in love with right now:

black maxi dress via dandeliondaydreamer

lace up roper boots via crookedmuse
embroidered top via thelovedone

bib necklace via CapriciousTraveler

blazer via stinkybear

biker jacket via moratorium

Zodiac Necklace via smellyshoesvintage

What pieces are you craving for fall?  We'll be updating the shop with a TON of new vintage in the next week or two, so keep an eye out!


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  1. Ha. This is funny. Yes, do blame it on the hemp! I'm craving everything on this page!



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