Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outfit Post: The Girl with the Red Balloon

It's been so long since I've done an outfit post!  Let's just say, I haven't really been "feeling" my wardrobe lately, and because I've been so busy running around and working from home, I've mostly been in the same pair of cargo pants and a t-shirt all the time (if I even change out of my pj's for the day!)

Yesterday, Q took me to Annapolis to see a matinee performance by The Civil Wars at Ramshead Live.  Besides being so excited to see the duo perform live (and have a little date with my husband), I was also excited to do a little dressing up!

I've had this vintage dress in my closet for a while's sheer, so I'm also wearing a vintage slip underneath.  The print is somewhere between dots, lightbulbs, Christmas lights, or balloons...I took creative liberty with my blog title since it's the name of one of The Civil Wars' songs.

On our way back to the car from the show, we passed a little cafe with an outdoor sitting area, and a man stopped me and said my dress was beautiful!  I was a little flustered, but thanked him, and told him (and his companions) that it was vintage.  I'm a walking advertisement. :)  Doesn't it feel good when strangers compliment you? (And when a man compliments you in front of your husband:  BONUS! ha.)

dress and slip-vintage, belt-vintage, shoes-Blowfish, lips-Nars gloss in Bloodwork

It was a beautiful day. Later in the evening, we went for a bike ride w/ Aurora, looking all scrubby (Q was in spandex!), and we came upon a neighborhood BBQ. They shouted for us to come over...and we decided to go meet some folks.  I wish I'd had this outfit on instead of sports bra/tank/bike capris/sneakers/sweaty face.  We'll just make a great second impression at the next BBQ! :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!  Looking forward to catching up on a lot of posts this week! Promise.



  1. I feel ya on not feeling your wardrobe lately - I've been in the same boat... I think I always feel like this when winter/spring starts transitioning to summer. It's hot and I'm not ready for it and everything feels gross basically. LOL

    A SUPER pretty vintage dress is the perfect way to break out of that! I love this one! I think I might need to take a dose of that and apply it to my Monday tomorrow. :)

  2. Wow!! This really is a gorgeous dress!!! how adorable!!

  3. The Civil Wars are one of my top fave bands EVER!!! I've been following Joy since the very, very beginning of her singing career, so it's really special seeing how big they're becoming...makes me quite proud. I've had the pleasure of meeting her (actually, both of them) several times, and she's just as gracious now as the first time I met her. Really cool people and insanely talented.

    Now, onto that dress!! It would be impossible not to feel gorgeous in that dress. It's very ModCloth but of course with that extra vintage X-factor. Love it! And your hair.



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