Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outfit Post: Accordion Floral

Whooowheeee. It's been HOT here in Virginia. And humid. I am a fan of sunshine and summer, but it's been a little much.

I wore this outfit on Friday for taco and Target night.  I thrifted this skirt (it's Express Compagnie International, so probably circa early 90s) and it's definitely a summer wardrobe staple.

I am wearing the dreaded blogger-esque top knot--but to be fair, I'm wearing it because it was stinking HOT, not as a fashion statement (not that there's anything wrong with it! Except, if worn too high, it looks like a bizarre antenna of some sort.  Some people can pull it off, though!).  And on another note, I was wearing my hair like this in high school (sans bangs) because I always think that high, messy buns are an effortless and chic look.  I didn't invent the top knot, but it's also not new.  It's another summer staple (with lots and lots of bobby pins for my short bob baby hairs).

tank-random, skirt-thrifted/vintage, shoes-daniBlack, bracelet-gift
More hot weather outfits on the way, which will include lots of skirst and dresses. Death to shorts! I hate shorts.  I like how cutoffs look on other (tiny) girls, but besides that, I don't think shorts are flattering to many people.  What do you think?  Besides that, I love the femininity (and breeziness) of girly, pretty things for summer.  But running errands in these platforms?  Not happening. I need to invest in some more casual wear for 90 degree temps...but what?

Stay tuned...


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