Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sponsored Post: Something New

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 My husband and I were actually just good friends long before we got together. Due to a variety of circumstances, we just didn’t feel that way. At first. The truth is, I didn’t give Quentin a second look. It’s not because he’s not handsome—because he is. But he just didn’t feel positively about himself (he’s going to be so embarrassed about this post, but it’s true!). He is confident about his work and about being a father and about the many things he’s good at, but he’s never been confident about his appearance. It just didn’t matter to him.

I was attracted to him for so many reasons even though he wasn’t my “type.” He has to wear khakis and a shirt and tie to work every day. He’s 15 years older than I am. He has two teenage daughters. But he also had this certain something that attracted me to him. And I wanted to make sure he knew it!

So we fell in love. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world (and still does). And I decided, now that I’d snagged him, it was time for “Extreme Makeover: Q Edition.”

Q & A
We started with little things: he wore glasses that he’d had forever; it turned out he barely needed them. He just hid behind them so people wouldn’t notice him. Then, it was time to work on the wardrobe—he loves to do woodworking and gardening and sports, so all of his clothes were dirty, holey, and extra-casual. Our first step was getting what I called a pair of “cute jeans.” From there, he became more and more open to my influence on his wardrobe. We added some fancier button up shirts and fitted tee shirts. And now, we’ve even started to add some vintage pieces (he gets almost as excited as I do at a great thrift find!)

I love my husband unconditionally, but seeing him love himself and have the confidence that he’s not only a smart man, and a good man, but also a sexy man just increases my attraction to him. It seemed silly at first, but in the end, the makeover was extreme.

Now I tease him that he’s the “trophy husband.” I love bringing home new pieces from my shopping adventures for him to try—though my most recent failure was a pair of too-skinny gray jeans (the tag said straight leg, I swear!). Lesson learned.

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