Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Not Myself

I am a huge reader of fashion and street blogs, and I always see styles that I like, but am afraid to try for myself.  One of those styles was the socks-with-heels look, which looks amazing on models and bloggers with long, pretty legs, but on this pear-shaped gal?  I wasn't so sure.  I also love the grunge look, and while I've been rocking my leather jacket all fall/winter, I never tried to glam it up.

I decided to give both of these looks a try--with the same base outfit.  A simple long sleeved Anthropologie tee (that I thrifted!) and a vintage floral skirt.

Look #1:  Librarian (after one of my favorite My Morning Jacket songs)
cardigan-Charolotte Russe, tee-thrifted Anthropologie, brooch-vintage, skirt-vintage, gray fishnet ankle socks-Target, platform peeptoe heels-Michael Kors via DSW

 Look #2:  Grungy Gal (Just add red lips and a hat to cover your greasy mane. Or in my case: roots.)

jacket-vintage, hat-UO, harness boots-Durango, scarf-random

I felt surprisingly comfortable in both outfits, but I wore the second one to dinner, Target and the grocery store. I think it's a little more street-friendly. The platforms are saved for special occasions and the platforms-with-socks look? It may just be reserved for dress up.  What would you do, fashionable readers?  Let us know in the poll below!



  1. I love using the same base outfit for two totally different looks... a good trick for those who travel a lot! :)

  2. Thank you, Cara! I should remember my own tips...I'm terrible at packing for travel!

  3. You're really rockin' the second look, leather jackets have been everywhere lately! (I've been wearing my black one with dresses too).

    The socks with platforms/sandals are tricky, I'm thinking of trying it come spring with some thinner, colourful socks. Maybe knee length socks with a shorter skirt would be an interesting contrast too.

  4. very cute. I'm not too into the grunge look but I do like the outfits anyway!!



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