Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: College Co-Ed and L'Artiste

This is the last of our holiday gift guides!  Hopefully you've found some ideas to suit all the unique personalities that make a group of friends (or family!).

The College Co-Ed
Who is she?  Well, it's pretty obvious--she's a student.  Though distracted by classes and searching for her dream job, she attempts to be [comfortably] fashionable.

What to shop for:  Items that are neutral--that can be added to any outfit and still look put-together.  Sure bets include bags large enough for books/lap top/gym clothes/etc., shoes that are cute but comfy enough to hike around campus all day long and anything denim.

The Artist

Who is she?  She's the one who stands out from the crowd at every opportunity--and fashion is no exception.  She's unique in her look and her personality and she brings her art into her everyday life, whether it's interior design or her makeup for the day.  She's serious about her art (and craft), but she also loves new, fun experiences.
What to shop for:   The artist loves pieces that evoke artistry  (obviously).  Graphic prints, unique shapes, and bold colors fill her wardrobe (along with basic black and brown to match it all).  She loves vintage and independent designers because she does NOT want to look like everybody else.

We hope you've enjoyed our gift guides!  Today/tomorrow is the LAST DAY to order to make sure your Miskabelle purchase arrives in time for Christmas (next weekend, people!  can you believe it?!).  

Some huge changes will be coming up on our site--and the blog--with the coming of the new year, so stay tuned!  Thank you, again, to our readers and customers.  Your support means to much to us.


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