Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Late Autumn Trends

Turning the clocks back was a huge reminder that fall is slowly dwindling (like the evening light) and winter is approaching.  The good news is that the holidays are coming--food, family, fun, and of course, dressing up.  The bad news:  brrrrr.  You can still look good even with purple lips (looking at you, Jayme) in some of these late fall trends.

1.  Leather Blazers...It's not a moto or bomber jacket.  There isn't any hardware--this is a more feminine look with leather.  Strong shoulders, cropped fit, a softer dark brown instead of black.  Maria Bello's version is so similar to this vintage beauty in the shop!
miskabelle vintage brown leather blazer, $45

2.  Black Dress Shorts...It's hard to believe this trend is back.  I remember several pairs of unflattering corduroy and plaid dress shorts I liked to rock in 6th grade.  But the new styles are hip, and comfortable (no worries about flashing!).  You can't go wrong with a classic black and white combo, like the one here on Daisy Lowe--and this pair from the shop!
miskabelle vintage black dress shorts, $20

3.  Luxe Fur (or Faux) Coat...No doubt Catherine Zeta-Jones is wearing the real thing (unless she's a PETA member), but our shop is carrying an animal-free version of a very similar piece.  Still soft and warm and stylish.  Though we here at Miskabelle have to confess our love for actual vintage fur too (it's vintage! it's okay!) The gold buttons add an extra touch of luxury--the perfect holiday coat!
miskabelle vintage faux fur peacoat, $55

4.  Slouchy Knit Hat...This is one of those trends that seems to stick no matter what the temperature is.  A perfect fix for a flyaway hair day, it's casual and chic.  Lauren Conrad rocks it with a breezy California outfit, but our way is with a cozy wool cape.  The pinkish color will flatter those cold cheeks.
miskabelle vintage knit slouchy hat, $13

5.  Black and White Print Scarf...Diane Kruger is one of my style icons (but, come on, who can go wrong when you're dressed in Chanel 24/7?).  While her version is most likely Chanel as well, we're also carrying a designer version in vintage by Givenchy.  Classic print, classic colors, classic designer.  This is another versatile piece to wear all year round (head scarf, belt, on your bag, etc.)
miskabelle vintage Givenchy silk scarf, $16

We love seeing style icons wearing things that we have--for CHEAP!--in our shop.  It's so easy to be stylish on a budget when you shop vintage.

Don't forget our holiday sale is going on right now:  buy one item, get another item 50% off (as if our prices weren't low enough.  Seriously...check it out!)


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