Friday, August 20, 2010

FALLing into Trends

Though admittedly we still haven't had our seasonal shopping/photo shoot extravaganza for the shop (we have been a bit distracted preparing for the launch of 1week!), I decided to look through our inventory to see what we have already that will fit the fall trends.  Comparing our collection with what I've been seeing in the September issues of fashion mags (that I can't believe are ALREADY here...where did summer go?), we have quite a few pieces that seem to "fall" right into place.
I've compiled my list of 5 (in no particular order) and used celebrity trendsetters to give a little idea of how to wear them.

1.  MENSWEAR SHOES:  Huge last year and still going strong.  This boat shoe version is a little more casual and rugged, which is perfect for trampling through autumn leaves.

Vintage L.L. Bean Boat Shoes

Celeb:  Blake Lively goes for a literal take with preppy jeans and a nautical top.  To carry this look over to fall I would go for a dark jean and maybe layer a scarf on top.

2.  LACE:  Lace has been huge this summer--lots of fully lace tops and dresses.  For fall I like it as an accent.  Just a little feminine touch.

Vintage Purple Paisley Blouse with Lace Trim

Celeb: Alexa Chung pairs a military jacket with a pop of lace underneath.  Kinda cool how our top mimics her style with just a swatch of lace running down the middle.

3.  RUFFLES:  Such a wearable trend...perfect for day time, night time, work, etc.  I love the little curly-ques that the ruffles form, running down the middle of both these tops.

Vintage Blue Ruffle Collar Blouse/Cardigan

Celeb: Whitney Port wears a decidedly more over-the-top version with a larger ruffle detail.

4. LONG/LEATHER COATS: not sure that this is an actual fall trend;  it's more of the combination of two trends.  Long, lady-like coats (so fancy!) and leather (which is most always a fall trend).
Vintage Navy Leather Trench Coat

Celeb:  Ok, so this is Taylor Momsen.  I debated on whether or not to use this photo because she doesn't have the greatest reputation in the fashion world (and I must agree....a 15 year old in corsets and garter belts is just so wrong) but I'm pretty sure this photo is from the set of Gossip Girl--which means the outfit has been styled by a professional!  Not quite a trench.  But leather and longer (rather than the more cropped, bomber jacket styles).

5.  MAXI SKIRT:  We featured maxi skirts in our mid-summer trends blog as well, but for fall I love this print version.  Perfect paired with boots.

Vintage Blue and Orange Paisley Print Maxi Skirt

Celeb:  Vanessa Hudgens (baby-V!  haha...oh my. I am embarrassing.)  goes for her usual bohemian look with this print maxi skirt.  Remember that long-coat trend I was talking about?  I think that would be awesome over these long skirts, so just a little of the skirt peeks out from underneath.

Hope that gets you pumped to get started on your fall wardrobe!  Keep checking the shop for updates...

Happy shopping,


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