Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vintage Challenge: J vs. A

(FYI: I felt a little dirty posting this picture. But it's also so ridiculous, I had to. You're welcome.)

Okay, so it's not really a versus competition, but rather an encouragement experiment: we have a room full (and our own drawers and closets full) of vintage stuff, and we realize how rarely we've been wearing it (J, because her work is kind of conservative, aka BORING, and me because I'm in between sizes after baby Aurora and haven't been wearing much beyond sweats).

So we are challenging each other to a 7 Day Vintage SMACKDOWN! We have to incorporate vintage into our outfits every day for a week and document our outfit each day. I'll blog and post those pics here with styling tips for wearing vintage everyday (it really is easy once you get into a groove). Excellent motivation for us to get out of our style ruts--and maybe you too (you know who you are!)

Tomorrow is Day 1 of our journey. Keep checking back as I post our week of looks. Better yet, join us on the journey! Get out of your own style rut...try some vintage! Or maybe just a pop of color...or skirts if you've been wearing jeans every day. Baby steps.

I'm going to finish packing my vintage wardrobe for a long weekend trip to VA. See you all soon!

Stay gorgeous,

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