Monday, March 29, 2010

Everyday Vintage Mondays

My newest goal is to post here 3 days a week (at least), so I'm trying to set tiny steps in that direction, beginning today.

I love nothing more than browsing Chictopia for inspiration (as well as posting some of our own looks in our fashion blog).  So I decided to search for looks tagged "Vintage" and wanted to share some of my favorites.  Every Monday, more fun and funky looks from the lovely ladies of Chictopia coming to you.  Hey, you might even show up here...

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Currently, my looks are trending toward girly and romantic vintage.  I've always had an eclectic style--I wear what I like and (hopefully) what looks good on me.  I'm not a slave to trends, but if I really like something, in any fashion genre, I typically try it out.  This spring, it's neutrals and lace and florals and clogs and booties and skirts and dresses and pretty hairdos.

You can find the above muses on their Chictopia fashion blogs when you click on the highlighted links.

KellyAnne is so cute--like that Librarian that My Morning Jacket sings about ("take off those glasses and let down your hair for me...") I love the combo of the scarf with the belt--it turns a sweet vintage dress into a totally eclectic look when paired with the tights, hats, and boots.
So simple, so chic:  vintage plaid top.  vintage pencil skirt.  bare legs.  wedge sandals.  cute bangs.  I love the way she uses vintage in her outfits!
A gorgeous photo that actually looks vintage itself.  The socks with the oxfords toughen up the look of a vintage skirt and lacy top so it's not too sweet.  She has great taste in vintage, as evidenced on her whole set of looks.
If you can get past that gorgeous braid (a hair trend I'm loving for spring), check out the cuteness of the vintage florals paired with a button-down oxford and tiered black eyelet skirt.  What you can't see here:  she paired it with simple white Keds!
Vintage meets high fashion--a lacy vintage dress with designer booties (in PINK!).  The floppy hat pulls it all together.  Not sure I could wear this out, but I'd love to have a reason to (a trip to the races?)

These are some looks that are inspiring me right I sit here in sweatpants and a teeshirt with unwashed hair, looking out at the gray sky. I'm dreaming of this upcoming weekend's anticipated warm weather and sunshine when I can bust out my own vintage loveliness!

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Hi Amanda, thanks so much for featuring me on your lovely blog! The other girls look fab!

    I am checking out the Miskabelle Etsy shop right now and am totally adoring everything!


  2. thank you! <3
    you have an awesome blog!

  3. i am totally honored that you'd feature me! thanks so much!
    your blog is super cute, by the way :)

  4. Very cute! Kind of like playing paperdolls with pics of real people!



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