Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Blogpost

Oh, well....hello there.

It's been way too long...the winter blahs are monstrous! It's finally hit a temperature in the 40s here and almost all the snow has melted. Now if we could just get a few slivers of blue sky or even a pop of sunshine, I might have the motivation to do more than eat, nap

So what's up with us here at Miskabelle? We finished our first year (well, we started in May, so more like half a year) with over 150 sales. We feel very proud of that and hope to double...triple...or even quadruple that in 2010 (this is OUR YEAR! We can feel it!). This means changes to our storefront, inventory, marketing--some of it tedious work, but mostly things we're excited about (like MORE SHOPPING!!!). Another one of those goals is to keep up more religiously with this blog and our Chictopia fashion journal (

We are really excited for spring...besides the return of the sun, we have a ton of new items to post and many of them will be recycled/refurbished! We're anticipating spending some long hours at the sewing machine, but we're excited to create! We recently created a separate section in our Etsy store where we are posting all of our re-designs.

This week, we are dreaming of warmer-weather trends....stay tuned for our "trend of the day" blogs, where we'll share our favorite vintage looks from our shop, as well as other Etsy vintage boutiques we love to peruse.

Until then...things to do, people to see, vintage to drool over. And lunch!
J&A (and little A, coming soon!)----->

Stay gorgeous,

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